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Welcome to the madness

Welcome to Oxymoron Books! Welcome to the madness.

I am the Oxymoron Bookseller. I have five years of bookselling under my belt currently, spanning across four bookstores. It was a dream just to start at my first bookstore – I could never have hoped that it could even become a career.

Oxymoron Books has been a dream in the works, starting from it’s initial hairbrained thought New Years Eve 2018. It started as an idea to launch my own bookstore in the form of a traveling bookstore driving through the bush, visit remote towns. By middle of 2019 I had decided to stop dreaming and I had started seeking additional funding and working out costings to see how far my savings from working as a casual could stretch.

However, right as I was announcing my mad plan to my family, I had an amazing offer – a full time assistant manager position in a bookstore. So Oxymoron Books was put on the backburner. While a traveling bookstore is something I still dream to do, having being paid to do what I love and continue to learn and gain experience in the book industry was too good to miss.

The sad fact is however is that a bookstore is still ultimately a retail entity. I may be surrounded by the most wonderful product, amazing co-workers and have some of the most fantastic customers, ultimately I am a salesperson. Some days that fact gets me down.

Hence why Oxymoron Books is coming to life. It may be different to my original dream, but I want to share all things books, bookstores and reading related. The sort of things that I geek out over, but have no use in my day job.

So what exactly can you expect here?

  • Book thoughts, not reviews – there are some fantastic book reviewers out there. I’m not one of them. But if I’m reading something I enjoy or find interesting, I’ll share it.
  • Interesting customer moments – the joys of working in a bookstore. From time to time I’ll share the good and the weird of it.
  • Bookstore news – sharing the love from bookstores in Australia and around the world.
  • Author news – Cause sometimes it’s worth reporting. Like if and when George R.R. Martin ever completes the next Game of Thrones book, or if Patrick Rothfuss finally shares a release date for the third Kingkiller Chronicles.
  • Book theme products – cause there’s nothing wrong with showing the world your book love.
  • Upcoming books – those I’m excited about
  • Featured blogs/social media/bookstores – sharing the love around

So what to expect here? Anything and everything to do with books and reading. No rhyme or reason. Just the madness that I find intriguing.

Hope you enjoy the ride,

Oxymoron Bookseller

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