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Day in the life of a bookseller: The coworker dilemma

When I started working on what this blog would contained, I ummed and ahhed whether or not to talk about the people I’ve worked with over the years. But my good intentions to post to this blog on a weekly basis have been derailed by real life problems, it feels only right to cover anything that can happen when working in a bookstore…

My background prior to this was fast food. I was lucky when I was in fast food – I had fairly good coworkers. The biggest thing about the job was the job itself – I still remember the day vividly that I climbed into the car and got told I smell like stale french fry. And the smell and the feel would linger for the entire day, even if you scrubbed yourself in the shower. I swear the oil would seep in. Most of my coworkers I met were ok. A mix of personalities and work ethics, but a general consensus that for most, the job was a means to make money.

The first time I walked into my shift at a bookstore however? I was met by a wonderful team and we all shared a singular passion – books. Didn’t matter that we all had different likes, everyone was genuinely happy to be working and we all had common ground. I distinctly remember thinking, “So this is what it is like to actually love your job”.

People are people of course, and over the four different bookstores I’ve worked in, all my coworkers are different people. Different ages. Different likes. Different opinions. Different life stories. I’ve enjoyed everyone’s differences and learned from each person.

But I’m now stuck in a bit of a dilemma.

I’ve been having problems with a coworker. I’m not going to share specifics with you, as it’s none of your business. I will share though that I think a lot of our problems stem down to a complete and utter personality clash, with a dash of age differences.

I’ve never had such a clash of personality affect me, or the environment around me to this extent. So please forgive any delays in returning back to this project of mine whilst I navigate the best way to stay true to myself whilst giving my coworkers the same opportunity themselves. I have no doubt that with some work, we’ll figure out the best way to communicate through this.

Bookstores – who would have thought they have much more to do with people than just books.

Stay tuned for a return to normal service!

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