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Customer moments: The Biggest Book in the shop

I remember one quiet day in the bookstore a boy, around the age of 7, and his father came in to browse.

Now, I’m not a kid person. I prefer puppies and kittens to children 99% of the time. That being said, I really enjoy seeing and listening to kids of all ages who love books.

This young boy proudly declared as he entered the bookstore that he wanted to find the biggest book in the shop. He was loving reading so much that he wanted a true challenge.

After spending a period of time browsing, the boy marched up to his father grinning as he hauled up the biggest book he could find – a giant book from an Australian politician. A political memoir…

His father turned to me with that look in the eye I’ve seen before – the one that is a plea for help.

It took some negotiation, but the boy and I came to an agreement. We found an almost same size book that he’d enjoy far more than the political memoir.

So, for anyone finding themselves in a bookstore with a kid who wants a giant book to read, may I suggest an omnibus of the Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis? A collection of the seven tales is bigger than many political memoirs – and if I can be cheeky, far more interesting than many too!

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